A Child’s Mind is a Fire to Light, not a Vessel to Fill”  Plato

We believe that the social development of every child is unique and needs to be nurtured with sensitivity, both for the individual, and the group. Through circle time, problem solving, and group work children are provided with rich opportunities for interpersonal growth.

The brain is fed by the 5 senses: Smell, touch, taste, sight, and hearing – early and developmentally appropriate engagement of all the senses is essential for healthy cognitive development. At Bearcamp Valley School and Children’s Center, children are introduced to a rich environment that is designed to engage all the senses – we encourage our young learners to explore their environments, both indoors and outdoors,  creating hands on experiences and encouraging the children to make their own connections to their expanding world.

By Supporting the Family we are supporting our First Teachers

At the Bearcamp Valley School we are deeply committed to supporting the family – those that are the first teachers for our community of children.  Programming focused on families includes:

Believe in Books  book bag program bringing books for families to share with their children at home
• Serving as a referral resource for families – accessing Carroll County resources
• Providing affordable rates so families can balance work and family.