We work to provide developmentally appropriate educational environments that empower children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.

It is the mission of the Bearcamp Valley School and Children’s Center to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for children; to seek a balance in addressing each child as a unique social, emotional, intellectual and physical person; to empower children to be responsible, caring, creative, hardworking and playful contributors to their community; and to support and work in partnership with the children’s families by responding to their needs and offering participation in BVSCC daily life.

To fulfill our mission involves:

  1. Creating and preserving a learning community with a distinctive group culture based on the central practice of a working circle of equals.
  2. Being attuned to the children, and listening respectfully and carefully to them.
  3. Giving everyday a sense of occasion, dedication and celebration.
  4. Fostering self-respect and self-discipline through an enthusiastic and reverent attitude to learning, excellence, challenge, problem-solving and problem seeking, and a validated sense of each member of the community’s ownership of the process.
  5. Interweaving personal freedom and responsibility in a multiage environment where following an integrated curriculum respects different learning styles and the variety of pace in individual learning.
  6. Bringing aesthetics and environmental understanding to the center of the curriculum.
  7. Helping individuals find their passions and sparking lifelong interests.