2020 Annual Appeal Letter – Thank you for your continued support!

December 2020
Dear Friends & Neighbors,


2020 was a year that no one will ever forget. We could share, like anyone in the world during the pandemic, the challenges and changes that COVID-19 had abruptly altered our world as we knew it. Overnight, the world went from business as usual, to a world wide shut down. With more questions than answers, Bearcamp Valley School and Children’s Center closed our doors temporarily on March 13th 2020.

When we re-opened on June 15th for our summer program under new guidance and new protocols to promote the best health standards for the families in our care, we never expected the pure magic we were able to witness. In this letter, we wanted to share with you our experience of perseverance, understanding, and compassion shown by the small wonders of this world that give us a reason to do what we do. In a new world where adults were stressed, unsure, and making decisions to the best of their ability, children were the unsung heroes who had new rules and routines to follow instantly.

Children are designed to explore the world with all five senses – vison, hearing, smell, taste and touch. In a moment’s notice, that final exploration tool was stripped away. Hugs were discouraged, the all-important lesson of sharing was now defined as you have your own materials, and the important people in their lives all suddenly were masked superheroes. With their curious minds asking so many questions, the most commonly asked was now that hardest to answer – “Why?”.

While parents and caregivers tried to explain the virus and pandemic the best they could, the children understood completely. They understood the boundaries, they understood the art of working together, and these small wonders have mastered the art of compassion. We are always proud of the sense of community we build within the walls of our center, but during the pandemic we were astonished with how the children we teach so much to, could in turn give us a life lesson right before our eyes.

With so much changing around the world, it was incredible to witness how much still remained the same. The first sounds of laughter back in the building filled our hearts with pride. The idea of being together and being apart allowed the children to continue to build and enjoy their friendships while practicing social distancing. The staff poured their hearts into the work of children, but now with a directive of learning with them, growing with them, experiencing magic with them. The mastery of our work was always dedicated for the child – but after the lessons of this year, being together was what we are most grateful for.

As we look forward to 2021, we have a new appreciation for the simple things we once took for granted. The messy classrooms, the paint covered art tables, the high-pitched sounds of song, the group laughter on the playground, and a place we have made a home away from home for so many. We are grateful for the guidance from our local and nationwide leaders who have guided industries through this pandemic, and for all the advances the medical field is currently working towards. We are grateful for the community we live in, both within our doors and beyond, that support the work we do in order to support families during a time they needed it most. Because we were able to open our doors, we helped support over 50 local families return to work, maintain a new sense of normal, and provided them with an extended ‘family’ who really looked out for everyone else. We can only credit our children and families, our staff, and our supporters who believe in the work we do, and allow us to venture into our 57th year of operation – successfully guiding through our first pandemic.

Here’s to 2021 – we wish for health, happiness, and the continuation of the community we have built around us. Thank you for believing in us, and for always your continued support. We will continue to shed light on all the beautiful pieces that have shown through this life changing pandemic. We wanted to take a moment and acknowledge and thank our teachers who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic, Mrs. Mindy, Ms. Nicol, Ms. Sara, Ms. Kerry & Ms. Nichole – for putting the important work first, our team of administration, Mrs. Coville & Ms. Nichole, that have continued to carry Bearcamp Valley School’s mission through its entirety and continue on in the most difficult of times, and a special kudos to Sheena Harte, for continuing her dedication in her role with the center, and providing resources and assurance maintaining a positive business model. Our team our professionals truly define collaboration. Through all the trials and tribulations the pandemic had presented us with, we have never been more proud to be a part of the Bearcamp Valley School & Children’s Center family.

They say it takes a village, and we cannot thank you enough for being a part of ours.




Nancy Coville,                                                            Nichole Cotton,
Administrative Director                                            Co-Director

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2019 Annual Appeal

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As I begin my letter to you I realize that this is the 55th time I am composing my annual appeal for the Bearcamp Valley School and Children’s Center. The most amazing thing to me continues to be the commitment of all of you who support the school and help fill the financial gap for the families we serve. And you do it year after year. We ask for your generous support as we close another successful and eventful year at our school.

The impact of what we do together really struck me in a recent conversation I had with one of our student’s grandparents. We discovered that their grandchild is the fourth generation to attend BVSCC, because the grandmother’s father had been in my first of kindergarten!

Since that very first kindergarten class we have been dedicated to providing the highest caliber of early childhood support, both in early education and child care, to the residents of this community. We pride ourselves on being a child care center that supports all the needs of families, providing early morning and late afternoon care, while keeping their children safe and nourished.
This year started with an unforeseen event, as always seems to be the way, with our two-door upright refrigerator needing to be replaced immediately. Thankfully we were able to keep our doors open through a donation of $500.00 leveraged a grant from N.H. Health that paid the remaining $2500.00. We are also grateful to The Yankee Smokehouse who offered food storage. Our childcare service never missed a beat. It’s a wonderful example of why our town and your collective support is so special.

As you know, high quality and reliable child care is so important in supporting families and for the development of young children. Since 2009, we have maintained the honor of being one of New Hampshire’s child care centers that meets the notable standards of Licensed PLUS. What this means is that we exceed licensing requirements and are considered a high quality child care program.
For the children enrolled in our center, we offer a home away from home. The children are of all ages. Many enroll in the before and after school program, arriving and returning safely from the KA Brett school. The youngest are toddlers who receive the support and encouragement they need to attain new learnings and skills.

Simply, we are an organization dedicated to the children in our care. Our mission is to empower children to be caring, creative, hardworking and playful contributors to their community. Where the child’s family is their own first teacher of the world, we open our doors and hearts to serve as the child’s first experience of community. We foster the beautiful curiosity and imagination each child brings forward, and through teachable moments and experiences with their peers, we enable their growth in all areas of development.

The other news this past year was welcome and exciting. Former student and assistant director, Nichole Cotton, returned in March to become Co-Director of our Center. Nichole had been teaching children with Special Needs at a Montessori Based School in Maine for two years. Previously she had taught in the Ossipee Central School Preschool program as well as BVS&CC.

She is a gifted teacher of children with special and regular needs children. She teaches half time in the three-year old program and spends the other half of her time running the school. She has increased enrollment the preschool, prekindergarten, and the before and after school population. She is a scribe for Board of Directors and initiated the in-house fund raising efforts. Her enthusiasm and abilities are very special. We are very lucky to have her talents at BVS&CC.

I remain as always part of the school. I am “ a closer” during the time children are picked up from 3-6 pm, a mentor to our staff, sponsor for the USDA Children and Adult Food Program for seven childcare facilities, and spearhead our fund raising efforts.

Special thanks to our Board of Directors and Jonathan Rivers who recently hosted a cross country golf Tournament at the Indian Mound Golf Course between snow storms.

Thank you all for the gift of strong support that you have provided over 55 years. We hope you will continue to help us as we move our organization forward for future generations. Your gift is appreciated and needed, and will be put immediately to work for the care of our children.

Thank you all for being part of our four generation Tamworth story.

Nancy R Coville, Administrative Director
Nichole Cotton, Co- Director

Board of Directors

Ebony Fullilove (acting President) Anneliese Smith- Treasurer Kim Whitefeather- Secretary

Leo Greene – Director Hope Requardt – Director Angela Flint – Director

Jennifer Kampsnider – Director Florence Lemay – Director

Dedicated First and Always to Children



Bearcamp Valley School & Children’s Center, 27 Durrell Rd., Tamworth, NH 03386
Phone & Fax, 603-323-8300 • www.bearcampvalleyschool.org • tax id # 02 0270074
We are an independent non-profit program serving the communities of Tamworth,
Madison, Freedom, Albany, Conway, Sandwich, Ossipee, Moultonborough, Effingham
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Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Fall is here! We are so thrilled to be back in the swing of the academic school year with your students. We hope our school age children are enjoying their new classrooms, and we have some amazing things happening here with our toddler, preschool and prekindergarten programs!

CURRENT OPENINGS: We currently have limited openings in our classrooms. If are you interested in enrolling in our program, give us a call at the center to arrange a tour. We would love to have you.

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We are hiring!

PT Child Care Assistants Wanted

We are looking for an Associate Teacher who qualifies under Child Care Licensing Rules. Minimum requirements: 18 years of age; HS Diploma or GED; 9 college credits in Early Childhood Education and/or experience in licensed child care. We would also like to add that we have positions open for work study students who are seeking degrees in: teaching, management or recreation. We are looking for help in the afternoons from 2-6, Monday – Friday with a possibility of more hours being available. State & Federal background check required. Send resume, transcripts and three references to BVSCC, 27 Durrell Rd, Tamworth, NH 03886 or email [email protected]

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Taste of the Valley

Join us June 11th for our 25th Taste of the Valley Event at Hobbs!

2017 Taste of the Valley

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